A brief history

Alston Moor Fitness Club evolved from a community consultation workshop carried out by the Alston Moor Project for Leisure & the Environment (AMPLE) back in 2000/01.  The workshop showed that many local people would like local exercise provision, such as a swimming pool and community gym.

It was recognised that the leisure project in its entirety was a major regeneration project, which would take a long time to get off the ground and it was decided to set up a group to establish a community gym facility.  The Alston Moor Fitness Club company was registered at Companies House as a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital.  It continues to be run by a board of Directors made up of local people as a social community enterprise.

The gym opened its doors to the public on 21st July 2003.  Our aim continues to promote, enhance and support exercise and healthy living on Alston Moor.  The club seeks to address the issues surrounding barriers to participation in exercise and target ‘hard to reach’ groups and is looking to other partnership groups and organisations to support healthy living.


The gym has a variety of cardiovascular equipment including a cross trainer, incline bike, two spinning bikes, a stepper, two rowing machines and two treadmills.

The gym’s body building equipment includes leg presses, chest press, leg deck, power rack, squatting bar, dipping bar, various benches, punch bag and weights.

There are also stability balls, kettle bells, medicine balls and much more.

The layout of the gym is centred around one main room and there is also a low impact exercise room and a boxing room with a punch bag.

Being a community gym, it is a multi-purpose building, so at various times of the year, the playing field, with its sports field and running track, is used by the community.